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On June 3, 2019, Tallahassee healthcare regulators began the complex process of reshaping the state’s certificate of need (CON) program. Florida regulators are moving ahead to eliminate the certificate of need program for hospitals and to focus it on nursing homes, hospices, and institutions for individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Proposed Changes to the CON Laws.

In May 2019, the Florida Legislature eliminated certificate of need program requirements for general acute care hospitals and tertiary services. The new law keeps CON requirements for specialty hospitals in place only until July 1, 2021. Click here to read more.

Rules being proposed to implement the legislative changes would maintain the four review cycles but split them into two different categories. One category would deal with applications for hospital facilities and hospices. The other category would be dedicated to nursing homes and intermediate-care facilities for individuals with disabilities.

Florida’s Certificate of Needs Programs.

Opponents of the CON program argue that it limits the ability to create new healthcare services and to build new facilities (in other words, “competition is good”). Advocates for CONs have argued that geographic areas where hospital and other health facilities are overbuilt can actually lead to increased healthcare costs and reduced services (in other words, “competition is bad”).

Critics of CONs argue that they limit the free market and, because CONs stifle competition, lead to increased costs. They have long argued that the requirements to maintain CONs can be shifted from certificates of need to simple licensing requirements.

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