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On March 18, 2019, Gov. Ron DeSantis officially signed a bill into law allowing the use of smokable medical marijuana by eligible patients. The governor’s signature on legislative bill SB 182, “Medical Use of Marijuana,” was the first he has approved since taking office in January 2019 and was a top priority for the newly elected governor. Additionally, he filed a joint motion to dismiss People United for Medical Marijuana v. Department of Health, a case in which the Florida Department of Health (DOH) was arguing that smoking medical marijuana was not allowed. The action ends the litigation in which a state court judge had already ruled that a prior state law ban on smoking medical marijuana was unconstitutional under the Florida Constitution.

SB 182 “Medical Use of Marijuana.”

The new law takes effect immediately; however, it could take time for the Department of Health (DOH) to approve new rules to guide doctors. This means that patients might have to wait a little longer for smokable forms of marijuana to become available. “I thank my colleagues in the Legislature for working with me to ensure the will of the voters is upheld,” DeSantis said in a released statement. “Now that we have honored our duty to find a legislative solution, I have honored my commitment and filed a joint motion to dismiss the state’s appeal.’’ Click here to read the press release issued by Gov. DeSantis.

To see a copy of SB 182 “Medical Use of Marijuana”signed by Governor DeSantis, click here.

Click here to read my prior blog on DeSantis’ prior deadline on the smoking ban.

Let’s Get Real

Let’s get real for a minute. Having smokable medical marijuana made legal (as the Florida Constitution Amendment of 2016 already did), does a lot more to help patients who need it than may initially be realized. All state agencies and law makers have done since the passage of the constitutional amendment was to attempt to over-regulate and restrict the availability of medical marijuana to the public. Now citizens don’t have to wait for more regulations to be adopted, for purification standards and manufacturing plants to be set up, for dispensaries to be opened up amid local city zoning challenges; they can just stop next to the road in the right location, pick some plants, and smoke them. Cheap, easy, widely accessible. It could bode the end of the world.

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