Recently, Florida pharmacists, physicians and pain management clinics have received negative attention over frequent Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) raids. Now, Florida is once again in the spotlight as the state has launched a drug database in an attempt to reduce drug abuse perpetuated by visits to the doctor.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, this database will allow physicians and pharmacists to review a patient’s prescription history before issuing prescriptions for painkillers like OxyContin and other powerful drugs.

These preventative measures are not new to Florida health care providers. After garnering a reputation for frequent drug trafficking, proliferated by pain management clinics, the state passed legislation banning many doctors from dispensing dangerous controlled substances in their offices.

Currently, use of the database is not mandatory, but legislators are hoping to make it a requirement in the future. Both the Florida Medical Association and the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association are urging members to retrieve information from the database before writing prescriptions.

With this new database, physicians, pharmacists and pain management clinics can help prevent visits from the DEA and Department of Health (DOH). Instead of writing prescriptions for powerful painkillers every time a patient comes calling, doctors can now judge whether a patient is really in need or abusing drugs. Being able to see every instance that a patient has filled a prescription for drugs like OxyContin and Valium will allow physicians and pharmacists to understand the whole picture If a patient is shopping around for drugs, it will be made apparent.

Keep the DEA from your practice by taking every precaution, including querying the database before writing or administering a prescription. For more information on DEA cases see this article about defending yourself in the event of an investigation. Pharmacists can learn about more legal matters concerning their profession here.