By Shannon McDonough, Legal and Marketing Intern

Central Florida Making Strides Toward Medical Marijuana Acceptance.

Central Florida has jumped on the bandwagon with the acceptance of the alternative medicine, medical marijuana. The first medical marijuana dispensary in Florida is opening within the next few weeks in Orlando. It will offer patients the option of medical marijuana to help treat pain and other symptoms. The dispensary, being opened by Knox Medical, is to be located on North Orlando Avenue at Ivanhoe Village in Orlando, Florida. This is the first dispensary location in Florida. Knox Medical states that it hopes to open four additional sites around the state.

Knox Medical Group Is Licensed to Cultivate and Sell Medical Grade Marijuana.

Knox Medical is one of just a few companies that have obtained licenses to grow and sell medical grade marijuana. Knox Medical Group states that it expects this dispensary to be a respectable and exclusive venue. The dispensary contends that it will only allow entry by patients with clear physician orders to attempt to avoid anything that could create a negative perception of the medical marijuana industry. This “prescription only” approach is different from that of California and Colorado; nobody without a clear physician’s order for medical marijuana will be allowed to enter the building.

Law Makers Create Difficult Regulations for Marijuana Industry.

State regulation seems like it will always be a problem for the growing marijuana industry. There is the potential for new bills restricting the placement of medical marijuana dispensaries. Such a restriction could limit access to the drug and decrease consumption. Florida law makers are continuing to consider additional medical marijuana constitutional amendments. However, since the amendment that approved medical marijuana passed with a 71 percent vote, any measure proposed that will restrict access or availability will probably be defeated. As more and more states accept this alternative form of medicine, law makers will be forced to be flexible and deal with it.

Knox Medical Group Plans To Open Additional Locations All Around Florida.

The city of Orlando approved the new medical marijuana center restricting it to products with less than .3 percent THC. The effects of marijuana itself, along with the effects of marijuana dispensaries, are still being studied.

Knox Medical group states that it plans to open additional locations in Gainesville, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, and Lake Worth in the coming years.
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