By George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law

Former MetroHealth Medical Center Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Dental Director Edward Hills was charged on October 25, 2016 for running an intricate bribery and kickback scheme selling positions in the medical center’s residency program at MetroHealth Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.  According to an unsealed indictment in Ohio federal court, three other former hospital dentists were also charged for being involved in the conspiracy.

Bribed With Lavish Gifts and Cash.

Hills also served as MetroHealth’s interim president and chief executive officer. Allegedly, Hills started receiving lavish gifts back in 2008. These gifts included a a 55-inch television, $3,879 Louis Vuitton briefcase, as well as checks and cash from the three dentists.  Being the director of MetroHealth Dental, Hills allegedly used his title to inflate monthly bonuses to $92,829. Hills also had residents working at private clinics and charged it to the hospital, according to the prosecutor’s statement on October 25, 2016.

Guaranteed Spot In Dentistry Program.

Edward Hills solicited bribes from attending dentists Sari Alqsous, Yazan Al-Madani and Tariq Sayegh to pay them for working full-time at MetroHealth, while the three ran their own clinics.  Allegedly, Alqsous, Al-Madani and Sayegh were guaranteed residencies in the Dentistry program at MetroHealth by Hills in exchange for bribes.

Hills and the three other dentists are charged with Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act violations, multiple counts of conspiracy, mail fraud and obstruction of justice.  In addition, Hills is charged with making false claims on his tax returns. The monies coming from this kickbacks and bribes were also allegedly not included in his tax returns.

The three dentists, Alqsous, Al-Madani and Sayegh, also allegedly accepted more than $75,000 in bribes from the Jordanian perspective dental residents for admittance into the MetroHealth dental residency program. Hills took advantage of the residents even further by using unpaid dental residents to staff Alqsous and Al-Madani’s private clinics.

The indictment also states that Hills allegedly gave the attorney that was representing him in foreclosure proceedings free dental work including implants and crowns.  The dental work was done by another dentist who falsely claimed that the services were for educational purposes.

The IRS’ Kathy A. Enstrom from the criminal division stated, “These government-funded programs were designed to help the men, women and children of Cuyahoga County, but these individuals defrauded them for their own personal gain and used their companies as personal piggy banks.”

After more investigation into the scheme in 2014, Hills and the three dentist allegedly threatened anyone who had knowledge of their actions with criminal and civil litigation, termination and deportation.

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