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A month before trial was set to begin, Detroit Medical Center (DMC) agreed to pay $42 million to end a nine-year antitrust class action lawsuit. The suit was brought by nurses accusing eight Detroit area hospitals of conspiring to keep their wages low, violating antitrust laws from 2002-2006. The DMC was the last remaining defendant in a 2006 class-action lawsuit before Chief U.S. District Judge Gerald Rosen. To read a blog I wrote on another health care antitrust case, click here.

A copy of the class action complaint that was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan can be found here.

Last Man Standing.

The nurses have alleged the DMC and seven other Detroit area hospitals “participated in an unlawful conspiracy to depress wages for Registered Nurses and/or to unlawfully exchange wage information in violation of Section 1 of the Sherman Antitrust Act.” For more information on antitrust laws, visit the “Areas of Practice” page on our website. The seven other hospitals involved in the suit settled with the nurses for a combined $48 million. DMC is expected to pay $42 million into a combined settlement fund, bringing total compensation in the case to $90 million. To view the class settlement agreement in this case, click here.

“It’s Not What It Looks Like.”

DMC had planned to take the case to trial in a month, but instead veered off course and decided to settle instead. “The settlement is not an admission of liability but rather a business decision to bring the matter to a resolution. We remain committed to our nurses and value the hard work and dedication of all our hospital staff,” DMC counsel released in a statement defending their decision. For more information, visit their website by clicking here.


Do you think the settlement amount of $42 million was fair? Have you ever experienced a situation where antitrust laws were broken? Please leave any thoughtful comments below.

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