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An Orlando health clinic owner and one other person were recently arrested on charges of defrauding multiple insurance companies and payers, according to the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud. Dr. Troy Godsey of Spine Health Solutions, P.A., allegedly provided treatments to”patients” involved in auto accidents. Three insurance companies received a $300,000 bill for reimbursements under the “patients'” personal injury protection (PIP) auto insurance. The companies reportedly paid out $100,000 before realizing it was a scam.

Godsey Operated Under the Pretense That He Was the Sole Owner of the Clinic.

Although Godsey, a licensed chiropractor, was allegedly the sole owner of the clinic, it was employee Renata Berriel Deazevedo, a non-licensed individual, who carried out the daily operations of the business. According to the Florida Department of Financial Services, Godsey was previously granted an exemption from clinic licensing requirements with the Agency for Health Care Administration. This reportedly allowed him to run the PIP fraud scheme without having to obtain a separate health care clinic license that would make the practice subject to periodic inspections. This further violated Florida’s PIP insurance laws.

It seems Godsey was attempting to create a “straw ownership” to avoid the proper licensing of his clinic. In accordance with Florida law requirements, it should have been licensed under the Florida Health Care Clinic Licensure Act (HCCLA). To operate a clinic in violation of the HCCLA is a felony. Furthermore, every day of operation is a different felony charge. In addition, all medical bills that an illegal clinic issues are void.

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Facing Prison for Half a Century.

Godsey’s and Deazevedo’s felony charges include operating an unlicensed health care clinic and filing false and fraudulent insurance claims. These charges carry with them penalties in excess of 50 years prison time. If convicted, the pair are faced with spending more than half a century behind bars. For most individuals, this would equate to a life sentence behind bars.

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Physicians, especially dentists, chiropractors, and optometrists, should always be extremely wary about working for a clinic or medical group owned in any part by someone who is not a licensed health professional. If it is owned in any part, even one percent (1%) by a person or business entity that is not a Florida licenced health professional, it may be operating illegally. Dentists, optometrists and chiropractors have even more restrictions placed on their practices than other health professionals in Florida and most other states.

Physicians who are “partners,” “shareholders” or “co-owners” with unlicensed personnel need to ensure they are in full compliance with the HCLLA and all other applicable Florida laws and regulations. Consult with an ecperienced health lawyer before making an expensive mistake. To see another blog I wrote on these issues, click here.

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