3-indest-2009-2By George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law

On November 22, 2017, a plant nursery and a man who has epilepsy, filed suit alleging that it’s “high time” for the Florida Department of Health (DOH) to comply with a Florida constitutional amendment and its implementing legislation. The constitutional amendment requires the DOH to license more medical marijuana treatment centers. According to the suit that has been filed, DOH’s failure to do so is depriving patients of medication that they really need.

The Number of Licenced Treatment Centers.

Bill’s Nursery, Inc., and Michael Bowen filed suit accusing the DOH of failing to meet an October 2017 deadline to expand the number of licensed treatment centers in the state by an additional ten as it is being argued, is required by The Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative. The initiative, known as Amendment 2, was passed in November 2016. Click here to learn more.

Bill’s Nursery previously applied unsuccessfully to become a medical marijuana dispensary in the state of Florida and now wants to apply to be a medical marijuana treatment center. In his suit Bowen claims he relies on medical marijuana to prevent and treat his epileptic seizures.

Treatment Center Licenses.

Despite passage of Amendment 2, the DOH has only given licenses to six additional treatment centers and is refusing to accept and consider additional applications. According to the complaint, this defies the Florida Legislature and threatens the ability of patients to access lifesaving medication. Patients and advocates for medical marijuana claim that the few that have been approved are simply not enough to provide what is needed. During a late October 2017 hearing before the Florida Senate Health Committee, Christian Bax, director of the DOH’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use, made it clear that the agency wouldn’t issue the additional licenses until pending litigation challenging a provision of the law is resolved.

According to the suit, the DOH’s refusal to license more businesses is harming competition, preventing companies like Bill’s Nursery from entering the market and strengthening the monopoly hold enjoyed by the seven current treatment centers. Additionally, in the process, the agency and officials are harming patients like Bowen, who says his life is at risk without adequate access to medicinal marijuana, the complaint says.

Click here to read the complaint in full.

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