Top 5 Reasons Professional Counselors and Psychotherapists Receive Complaints Against Their Licenses;  What to Do to Prevent It

By Michelle E. Missigman, J.D., Attorney, The Health Law Firm

What is a Licensure Complaint?

A licensure complaint against a professional counselor, mental health counselor, or other psychotherapist is usually initiated by the filing of a complaint with the professional board or other regulatory authority.  Although some states authorize the licensing board to investigate and resolve such complaints, in other states, there may be an “umbrella” agency that receives them and investigates them.  For example, in Florida, the Florida Department of Health (or “DOH”) will receive and investigate complaints. In Colorado, the Division of Regulatory Agencies (or “DORA”). In Washington, D.C., the D.C. Department of Health (or “DC Health”), receives and investigates them.
Regardless, you will receive written notification, usually via U.S. mail, that an investigation has been opened against you.  This is a major reason that you must keep your physical address and e-mail address […]