Will Florida Board of Medicine Follow Board of Pharmacy’s Lead and Recommend PRN Evaluations for Applicants Before Application is Considered?

Lance Leider headshotBy Lance Leider, J.D., The Health Law Firm

At the February 12, 2014, Florida Board of Pharmacy meeting, some board members expressed frustration with the fact that applicants for licensure with prior mental health or substance abuse related issues had not been evaluated by the Professionals Resource Network (PRN) prior to the consideration of their applications by the Board.  The applications were scheduled for consideration, but applicants were told to come back after they had PRN evaluations.  This recommendation by the Board of Pharmacy could have potentially serious consequences for applicants.

So far, the Board of Pharmacy is the only Board we are aware of to make such a recommendation. We are waiting to see if the Board of Medicine or other professional boards follows suit.

No Statutory Requirement to Get Preemptive PRN Evaluation.

The Board of Pharmacy’s recommendation that any applicants with […]