States Take Action to Stop Nurses From Certain Schools From Caring For Patients

Author Headshot in dark grey suit and red tie with arms folded smiling in front of dark backgroundBy George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law

In late February 2023, multiple states began taking action against licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs) because of the FBI’s “Operation Nightingale.” This is also being pushed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCBSN). “Operation Nightingale” is a federal investigation into a wire fraud scheme in which a number of now-closed Florida nursing schools allegedly sold phony nursing diplomas and transcripts from 2016 to 2022, which they then used to apply for and receive nursing licenses.

As a result of this, state nurse licensing officials are scrambling to stop nurses with fraudulent academic credentials from caring for patients. Thousands of notices […]