Colorado Health Board Rejects Medical Marijuana Proposal for PTSD Treatment

By Carole C. Schriefer, R.N., J.D., The Health Law Firm

On July 15, 2015, the Colorado Board of Health denied a bid to approve medical marijuana as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Colorado is known for pushing the boundaries with marijuana, but health officials rejected the idea that it can be an effective form of treatment for PTSD patients. The board voted against the recommendation of the state’s chief medical officer and marks the third time Colorado’s health officials have said ‘No’ to including PTSD on its marijuana approved list of uses.

Is Marijuana Medicine?

The Colorado Board of Health voted 6-2, to reject a petition for PTSD to be considered a “debilitating condition” and can be treated with medical marijuana. Several veterans testified that marijuana saved their lives, but some board members believed that there was not enough scientific evidence or medical trials to support this claim. The board, many of them physicians, said they couldn’t approve a medical treatment that falls short of federal guidelines. To read this article in full from The Denver Post, click here.

Some of those attending the vote, noted that none of the conditions currently approved for medical marijuana cards, including AIDS, epilepsy and glaucoma, has the kind of scientific evidence or research to support the claim To read more of this from the Associated Press, click here.

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Vote Yes.

According to The Denver Post, supporters of the proposal say that rather than focusing on the hard science, the needs of patients should also be considered. If it had been approved, it would have allowed physicians to recommend certain medical marijuana strains to provide relief without a ‘high’, according to Teri Robnett, director of the Cannabis Patients Alliance. Click here to go to their website and learn more about the Cannabis Patients Alliance.

Legal But With Limits.

Voters in Colorado have approved the legal use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, but government officials have not been quick to jump on board. Despite this recent rejection, Colorado has approved the use of marijuana for various health ailments. Colorado’s approved list of uses for medical marijuana currently includes muscle spasms, epilepsy, cancer, severe glaucoma and nausea. Currently, nine states allow physicians to recommend medical marijuana treatment for PTSD patients. To read a past blog on uses of medical marijuana, click here.


Do you agree that PTSD should be excluded from the medical marijuana approval list? Do you approve of using medical marijuana as a treatment? Please leave any thoughtful comments below.

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