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On January 17, 2019, new Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that the Florida State Legislature should end its losing efforts to keep in place a ban on smoking medical pot or he will end the state’s defense of the “no smoking” policy in a pending lawsuit. The current lawsuit was brought because the state Legislature and former administration was taking the position that medical marijuana could not be smoked, despite the amendment to the Florida Constitution that was passed making medical marijuana legal. The constitutional amendment does not say anything at all about what the proper forms of medical marijuana could be, leaving most methods of ingestion open.

The new governor also indicated that he thinks the state should loosen the restrictive licensing requirements for medical marijuana treatment centers, requirements that include vertically integrated businesses and capping the number of retail outlets they can operate. He did not include, however, support for legalization of the drug’s recreational use.

The Fight for Florida’s Medical Marijuana Legislation.

In 2017, Governor Rick Scott signed, and Legislature passed, both the smoking ban and the current overly-restrictive licensing structure.  A circuit court judge ruled in May 2018, that the smoking ban is unconstitutional, but then Scott appealed the decision. Click here to read one of my prior blogs and learn more about the status of marijuana in Florida.

DeSantis indicated that he will direct state attorneys to move for a stay on any decision in the case until mid-March 2019. This will give the Legislature two weeks at the start of its annual session to pass legislation rescinding the ban, he said. If this does not happen, he said he will have the state drop its appeal of the decision, leaving the circuit court judge’s decision in place.

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