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In previous blogs we’ve mentioned that Florida Governor Rick Scott signed House Bill 1175 on March 23, 2012. This bill outlawed more than 90 new forms of synthetic drugs and included bath salts, among others. It modifies Section 893.03(1)(c), Florida Statutes, by expanding the list of banned hallucinogenic substances in Schedule I of the Florida Comprehensive Abuse Prevention and Control Act. To see Florida HB 1175, click here. To see the entire list of banned substances, click here.

As you are no doubt aware, this was due, in part, to the recent outbreak of zombie attacks in the state of Florida. To see my prior blog on this, click here.

A new drug is popping up on the market with the name 2C-I or “smiles.” This drug is on the list of banned hallucinogenic substances, but has been linked to a number of deaths across the country.

Click here to learn more on the dangers of taking smiles.

Actor Thought to Have Taken Smiles Prior to Death.

According to CBS News, Johnny Lewis, an actor on the TV show “Sons of Anarchy,” is believed to have taken smiles before allegedly killing his landlady and falling to his death. Detectives believe the actor also had mental health issues.

To see the CBS News story, click here.

Florida’s Synthetic Drug Legislation Imposes Restrictions on Synthetic Substances.
The law that was passed in Florida put in place restrictions to prevent abuse of synthetic substances including certain synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic stimulants. Many of the synthetic substances are also commonly known as synthetic marijuana, smiles, bath salts, K2, potpourri, and incense.

The large quantities of synthetic substances are included in HB 1175 because the chemical compounds in these substances are easy to change. The ease of converting these substances into illegal drugs helps illegal drug makers, users and sellers to avoid arrest and prosecution. For example, one synthetic substance might be illegal under the Florida Comprehensive Abuse Prevention and Control Act, but a minor change in the molecular makeup might make the substance legal. Florida residents who desired to become zombies could just take one of these synthetic substances (don’t ask how). They no longer have to go to Haiti or watch “Weekend at Bernie’s” three times in a row.

Banning Synthetic Drugs Was An Attempt To Reduce Cannibalistic Attacks.

Who can forget the story of the Miami cannibal believed to have been on bath salts?

To refresh your memory, click here to see the story from CNN. Warning this does include actual video of the attack.

It was rumored that one prominent Florida lawmaker stated that banning bath salts, smiles and other synthetic drugs should help to reduce the reported acts of cannibalism and zombie-like behavior in Florida.

Manufacturers and Retailers, Watch Your Back.

The passing of HB 1175 could mean more issues for manufacturers and retailers of any products utilizing synthetic substances such as bath salts, herbal incense, or potpourri. If you manufacture or sell any product that is composed of synthetic substances you should regularly test your products to ensure that you are in full compliance with the new law.

On October 2, 2012, a Port Orange, Florida, store owner was charged with drug possession with intent to sell. Officials accused him of selling synthetic drugs, including marijuana and bath salts.

To see the Orlando Sentinel story on this arrest, click here.

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