By Danielle M. Murray, J.D.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine shows that patients like to read their doctors’ notes.  In the study, published in April of 2012, doctors put their notes online, and gave patients online access to the file.  While some patients had privacy concerns, ninety-nine percent (99%) of them requested to keep access to the file after the study was over.

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Doctors Did Not Feel Overwhelmed by Having to Put Notes in Computer.

Patients interviewed for the study felt that the notes reiterated important points that they had discussed with their doctors.  Study participants were able to be reminded of key information, and many said they felt that they were more compliant with the doctors’ recommendations.

Doctors didn’t report feeling limited or overwhelmed by having to take notes in the computer system used for the study, and they continued to allow access to the notes following the study.

Non-Electronic Options for Doctors’ Offices.

If a doctor does not feel comfortable using an online system, or simply does not have the time or money to convert to an electronic system, the article suggests that doctors can simply add a new procedure to their current, handwritten record-keeping system.  Doctors can have staff routinely make a copy of the patient’s notes and mail the notes, or have the notes picked up by the patient, within a set time after the visit.

Keep in Mind Your Responsibilities as A Doctor.

As a health attorney advising physicians, medical groups and medical facilities, I have to look at the legal risks of such arrangements.

While putting records online or even creating an app for patients to access records is convenient, such an arrangement can inadvertently allow the records to fall into the hands of third parties.  I don’t know of many doctors’ offices with in-house staff to manage their document server and online secure servers for such an undertaking.  Even so, streamlining the process generally requires special software, which was created by and likely monitored by a third-party software developer.

I would first suggest that any health professional looking to digitize or allow remote access to records have a contract ready for their technology associate to sign.  The contract should clearly state the obligations of each party, and it should incorporate all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy and security responsibilities.  I would not suggest piecing something like this together on your own; seek counsel, such as experienced health law attorneys, to do this for you.

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