The “Seven Rights” of Patient Medication

There is a checklist every nurse should learn called the “Seven Rights of Medication.” If this checklist is memorized and followed in every case, medication errors would be significantly reduced or eliminated altogether. Every nurse and nursing student should memorize this list and go through it in her mind every time a patient is administered a medication by the nurse. Always check for and confirm:

1. The right medication;

2. The right patient;

3. The right dose;

4. The right time;

5. The right route;

6. The right reason; and

7. The right documentation.

Adminstering medication is one of the major areas that an overworked nurse is at risk for making a mistake. Be sure to remember the items on this checklist, especially if you are feeling rushed. Taking an extra second to think everything through can save you from discplinary or legal action down the road.

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