New System for Patients to Report Medical Mistakes in the Works

By Danielle M. Murray, J.D.

According to the New York Times, the government wants to implement a new system that would allow patients to report medical mistakes and unsafe practices by health care providers to a central reporting organization. This includes doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, and all other professionals or entities that provide medical treatment. While it is only an idea at this point, the government envisions patients reporting problems through a website or a phone number by answering a short questionnaire.

Federal officials believe that medical mistakes frequently go unreported and patients could have useful information that could be used to identify health care providers and facilities where errors are made.

A Tool to Help Doctors and Hospitals Learn from Mistakes.

Hospitals and some doctors like the idea. They argue that it would allow them to better understand the prevalence and characteristics of medical errors and learn how to better prevent those errors.

However, some suggest that these reports need to be matched with a patient’s medical records and taken with a grain of salt. Health care providers believe patients may perceive something as an adverse event that is actually not a problem or is common with the procedure they received. The example used in the New York Times article is that a patient with a hip replacement surgery may report a dislocated hip when the patient hears or feels a popping sensation, but this is a normal sensation after this type of procedure.

System Will Monitor Quality.

Health care providers are already under scrutiny by the government through Medicare and Medicaid. This would be another tool used to monitor doctors’ ability to give care. It’s great for patients, but what will the effect be on providers? It’s too soon to say. The American Medical Association did not comment for the New York Times article, stating that it needed to study the details.

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How Patient Complaints Can Impact Your License.

As many health professionals are aware, patient complaints are a frequent cause of problems for your license. When a patient complains to the Department of Health (DOH), the DOH will hold a hearing, called a probable cause panel, to determine, based on the complaint, if there is enough information to proceed against your license. If there is, the DOH will file an administrative complaint against your license, and ask you to voluntarily relinquish your license.

When you receive the first correspondence from the DOH that there is a pending investigation, do not sit idly. Call an experienced health law attorney, such as those available at The Health Law Firm, to evaluate your case and let you know what your options are. Do not speak with any investigator or DOH representative, and do not voluntarily relinquish your license. Your career and livelihood are at stake.

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